With over four decades of technical innovation, thousands of successful installations, and the appreciation of relationships developed and fostered with our clients, RFI continues to evolve as a leader in the integrated security and life safety solutions industry. We approach your business challenges from an elevated 360-degree vantage point, applying the latest products, services, and technologies to develop comprehensive, effective and optimized security and life safety solutions.

Experience the RFI difference

The landscape we live and work in is incredibly dynamic.  What was once were considered standard operating procedures are now either top priorities or no longer relevant to current business conditions.  At RFI, we work hard to stay ahead of the relevancy curve and calibrate at a pace beyond the ordinary.  We are curious and listen intently to our client’s perspectives.  And, although we are the experts, we believe collaboration and understanding are keys to success.  We are proud to share our bright minds, innovative technologies and a suite of comprehensive intelligent service solutions that help you create safe, secure, and healthy business environments.

Shattering boundaries

Boundaries are defined by circumstance and the willingness to innovate; to challenge the status quo for continuous improvement and elevated success. We work actively to shatter boundaries and effect greater success. In RFI language, we extend mindshare “to get ahead of it” for our clients. Whether access control or video surveillance, intruder detection or cyber security and the utilization of artificial intelligence, we focus our efforts on mitigating risk and maximizing the continuity of your business enterprise.

Envision more with RFI technologies & products

RFI believes in leading. Leading in the integration of security and life safety technologies, the interoperability of platforms, and leveraging vital reporting intelligence to optimize the functionality of your building’s systems. We lead with a strong personalized connection to you – placing safety, security and the health of your people property and assets as our primary goals. We will work with you to achieve your current objectives and shape an elevated approach for your vision.

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