We refer to the client experience as elevating the client engagement and becoming remarkable for you. What exactly does that entail? It means that you are genuinely impressed with us. It means that we not only expertly completed the task at hand, but we engaged with you at a level of quality and merit you will not soon forget. Attitude, intellect, empathy, satisfaction, and our appreciation for the opportunity to serve. We want your experience with us to become your expectation for what the client experience should be every time. Memorable, delighted, valuable and genuinely remarkable.

What clients are saying

What clients are saying

RFI is not just a complete security and fire life safety supplier, but a valued business partner.  They have introduced me to new technology, researched multiple options to be able to provide the best solutions, and made sure my investments align with my current and future goals.  If I had one request, it would be that they had offices everywhere were have a business location.  Luckily our partnership with RFI extends beyond their customer and suppliers.  They have helped me make sure that other suppliers in these locations are providing us with the right technology while providing the same level of service and professionalism I expect from them to provide a global solution.

Harland Vogt

Director, Global Facilities

I am pleased to report the RFI team routinely meets, and exceeds our installation requirements. RFI technicians always put in the extra effort in each and every project and go above and beyond. We would highly recommend RFI as a reliable and dependable systems integrator.

April Boyde

Safety Security Manager

What clients are saying

RFI is a valued business partner. They have introduced me to new technology, researched options to provide the best solutions, and made sure my investments align with our current and future goals.

RFI’s responsiveness is top notch. Their ability to understand our needs and implement our projects on track and on time is always appreciated. Additionally, their workmanship is neat and clean and above standards. Their sales and operational staff are incredibly responsive to large and small projects. I look forward to our continued relationship.

Aaron Casey

Maintenance Engineer Level 3 / Locksmith

We have been partnering with RFI for more than a decade and have enjoyed a level of service and commitment from the team there that isn’t common in the industry.  They have been trusted not only with the tactical implementation of our systems, but also the strategic planning for future design and function.  Our partnership with RFI has been among our best over the years.

Anders Noyes, CPP

Directory of Property Management & Security

We’ve been using RFI since 2006 at our HQ in San Jose and now in Milpitas for our global access control and video management platforms. Partnering with RFI over the years has transformed how we do our security systems worldwide. RFI has progressively developed and gone beyond what the local security industry providers do with evolving modern day technology. During our partnership, RFI, has been able to provide us support either by sending someone to the site or via phone to resolve the issue. The relationships built well qualified resources from RFI has significantly impacted how we do business and what we pick and choose to deploy at all our global sites.

Kuldip Singh

Global Security Operations & Systems

RFI is our go to partner in all areas of design, programming and installation. Rather than simply asking how we wanted our system to be structured, they expertly guided us through the entire process, sharing invaluable insights and advice along the way. I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with the results.

John Smith

Facilities Director