Our FOCUSed approach

DNA is the building block and the fabric of being a human being. It contains all the information encoded into our bodies that make up who we are, what we do, how we grow, learn, adapt, and ultimately reproduce and carry on our legacy. At RFI, the word FOCUSED in embedded in our DNA. Focused is a simple 7 letter word that to us means so much more.

It means we Follow through on things we commit to doing. We Own whatever we work on from its concept to the time it is completed. We Communicate with our very best words whether those are emails, telephone calls, text messages, or in person meetings on zoom or at your place of business so there is never any guessing about what's going on.. We Unify our approach across Nevada, Washington, and California at all our work sites. We Serve with the heart of a servant, understanding that you are the reason we are in business and without you we wouldn’t be here. We are Engaged with our managers and our peers at work, we don’t operate in a vacuum and we spend time with each other, getting to know each other. We’re Dedicated to being part of a team called the RFI community and we all appreciate each other’s contribution to the team and we know that teamwork makes YOUR dream work!

Position profiles

Managed Services

We are transformational technology wizards. We understand processes and procedures that go with keeping Information Technology running the way it should. The technology and solutions that support RFI’s customers require in depth understanding of IT and networking concepts. We don’t shy away from troubleshooting a complex problem and making sure it’s resolved remotely. We understand how to program access control, video management systems, intrusion systems, fire and life safety systems, and intercoms. We are the place people come to get answers and solve problems!



Whether it’s working with customers that already are part of the RFI community, or finding new ones, we are relationship experts. We know about helping you understand your ROI, Your TCO, CAPEX versus OPEX, and how to meet budget. We understand that sometimes you have a box sale that you want help with, and another time you might need us to submit a complex proposal or help you understand an RFP. We love to listen and offer advice on how to help your program meet its goals. We love introducing you to our technology partners and helping you prove something will work!



We are naturals at managing. We are leaders. We are role models. We guide, lead, develop, and mentor others. We facilitate teamwork. We work hard to support each other and the customer. We know how to schedule jobs, manage inspections, draw up a Gannt chart, estimate how much something costs, lead a meeting, or turn something from a design on paper into reality. We are passionate about providing industry-leading customer service, inside the company and outside. We speak business processes and are always looking for ways to make things run more efficiently. We demonstrate integrity in everything we do, and we commit ourselves and the people we manage to grow personally and professionally!


Back Office

We recognize everything that goes on behind the scenes day to day to keep RFI working like a well-oiled machine. We’re organized, we are always prepared. We’re accurate and we’re accountable. We love working with people and we can multi-task. We book keep, write spreadsheets, enter data, organize a warehouse, help with benefits questions, make sure your laptop is running smoothly, look over contracts, and help manage our workspace. We are silent warriors, always on call to answer questions and get the job done. Working behind the scenes in the back office is our happy place!


Customer Care

We are a service company that puts every customer first. We provide the white glove treatment for every customer on every call. In customer care, we’re totally comfortable on the phone. We know how to use our wordsmithing techniques to write the most finely crafted emails to customers. We know that when a customer calls, they’re calling because they need help. We stand ready to help. We thrive on every day being different. We love a fast-paced work environment. We listen well, and we ask really good questions to help get to the bottom of things. Whether it’s text, phone, or email, we communicate clearly and you can count on us to set expectations and respond.



Starting up new systems is our cup of tea (or coffee!). We are technically proficient. We know how to test, train, document, and program integrated security systems. We know how to read technical specs, as-builts, shop drawings, and loading schedules. We know how to look at construction drawings and figure out where things are supposed to be in a building. We are obsessed with quality control. We are self-starters who don’t like slow days. If we sit around the office, we’re always looking for things to do. We enjoy going to manufacturer training classes and then telling other people about what we learned. We can hop on a zoom with tech support and figure things out. We know all the parts and pieces of your system by heart, and write project plans that will help your systems come online as smoothly as possible. When we turn it over to you, we make sure you understand it!