Welcome to RFI's Blog

Welcome to RFI's Blog

Fire Prevention Week is October 3 – 9, 2021 and the NFPA is encouraging all of us to Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™!

Whether in your office or hotel, at the airport, or in your home, knowing the sights and sounds of fire alarms and life safety systems can mean the difference between a safe escape and the devastation of loss of life. Have you ever shared the thought “time is precious,” or spoken the words “life is so precious?” If so, take a few moments and honor those words by Learning the Sounds of Fire Safety™ with you colleagues, family and friends. Know those vital sounds; the rings, beeps, chirps, squawks, wails, broadcasts, etc. that annoy you. Yes, I did say annoy you. And in a sense, that is exactly what they are meant to do. We want you hear the sounds, see the lights, understand what they mean, and move cautiously and swiftly to a place of shelter, refuge, and safety. And if or when you happen to be the lucky one that encounters a false alarm, be thankful it was exactly that… false! It was most likely an inconvenience that disturbed your meal, an important meeting, or a moment of relaxation, however one of the oldest and most well know phrases can easily and adeptly be applied in this instance; “better to be safe than sorry.” Therefore, please Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™ and never, ever take them for granted – one day they may help to save precious lives. RFI is very proud to be a part of the professional life safety industry. For over 42-years our team has been designing, installing, servicing, testing and inspecting life safety systems. The systems have evolved so much during that time period. Bright minds and incredible advancements in technology have driven the industry to establish volumes of codes and ordinances all with one overarching purpose in mind – life safety and saving lives. For the RFI Team, there is a distinct difference between the two conditions. Life safety is how smart we can be when we design and develop a life safety solution, and saving lives is how well that system works when it is called upon to do so. Our job is to covet both on your behalf. Serving our clients, the community, and the life safety industry is a privilege – it is a prideful part of our company culture that we respect and appreciate every day. To learn more about how we can assist you with your fire alarm, life safety, security solutions, field services, and all of the valuable client services that we offer, please contact us at sales@rfi.com or https://rfi.com/contact-us/

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