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When you become a part of the RFI Team, you become a part of a family supported by deep-rooted values and beliefs.  Values and beliefs that are connected to relationships developed inside of RFI, with our clients and the community at-large.  When you recognize that you probably spend more time with your colleagues than your immediate family, well, your colleagues do become your immediate family.  Because we understand this reality, we place great emphasis on promoting both professional and family values within our culture.  Opportunity, inclusion, empathy, growth, and success are shared values for every member of the RFI Team.  Continuing for over four decades of security and life safety leadership, RFI has proven to be a technology and service experience catalyst, propelling people, and our industry forward to levels elevated beyond ordinary.  In addition to our industry stewardship, corporate responsibility, and genuine interest in the safety and security of people, property, and assets, we are proud to be a second-generation family owned business.  So, when we proudly speak of values, beliefs, culture, and family… we really mean it.  We look forward to your interest in becoming a part of our remarkable story.